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By F. J. Irsigler M.D. (auth.)

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The advent of antibiotics has essentially eradicated an infection of the paranasal sinuses as resource of intracranial infeetions. Thoracic surgical procedure has approximately eradieated a for­ merly really widespread resource of abseess of the mind, particularly infections of the lung, reminiscent of lung abscess, bronchiectasia and lung gangrene. Gunshot wounds of the pinnacle are after all an important process mind abseess and meningitis, yet in civilian perform thankfully infrequent. Complieated fractures of the vault and fractures of the bottom of the cranium are at this time crucial resource of intraeranial an infection, and are inclined to elevate in value because of ever expanding frequeney of motor injuries. Metastatic mind abscess originating from a foeus of an infection of the tonsils or from different lesions anyplace within the physique are ordinarily infrequent. This resource of an infection has to be thought of to be of teenybopper value. those faets are truly mirrored in Dr. IRSIGLER'S monograph. there's an abundance of fabric of anxious abscesses either as a result of gunshot wounds and to pcaee-time acci­ dents concerning the vault, the bottom of the cranium and the paranasal sinuses, that's exten­ sively documented by means of case histories and weil selected illustrations.

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The man was restored to full working capacity within 4 weeks from the operation and has remained weil sinee 1957. Comment. There are several points requiring commenting in this case. The frontal bone was sclerosed throughout and truly ivory both the outer and inner table being thickened. This is understandable considering the length of previous history. In addition, on exeising the bone flap it was found that the bone was bloodless indicating necrosis. We did not trouble to remove eompletely the avascularized bone as suggested by ADSON and HEMPSTEAD (1937) at a time when modern chemotherapy was still at its infancy.

Hardly one inch long, above his left eye brow sur· rounded by an area of crepitus on palpation indicating surgieal emphysema which extended into the left upper eye lido Also the lower lid of this eye was bruised and suffused. 1'here was blood oozing from his nostrils and his mouth. 1'he pupils were maximally dilated and fixed. Breathing was noisy and strenuous. The patient did not react to painful stimuli, his limbs were slack, the reflexes, including abdominals and plantars, were absent. Skull X·rays revealed a stellate and depressed fracture of the frontal bone on the left involving the frontal sinus which, in this patient, was particularly large.

Influenzae was isolated from the fluid. The temperature settled but within 10 days of admission a fiuctuating swelling appeared over the forehead and the lumbar fluid remained purulent. X-rays of the skull revealed separated sutures and a query area of increased translucency in the right frontal bone close to the midline. The swelling gradually extended downward and forward to involve the eye-lids and the upper part of the face. H. NOETZEL's paper appeared in"Zbl. Path. 81, 3 (1943). , Quoted from WEBER, G.

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