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This sequence goals to record, interpret and evaluation development within the box of quantum chemistry. Over the process numerous years, the sequence has handled the various aspects of chemical physics and is designed to operate as a vital reference and consultant to additional growth. for every quantity, the editor selects subject matters inside of chemical physics and invitations a professional to jot down a entire article. quantity sixty nine offers a assessment of contemporary advancements in ab initio equipment in quantum chemistry, overlaying the utilized points. stories from specialists in those components are integrated.

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Without int. optb With int. ' With int. opt. and abs? 1 bohr, a = 105". 5). 5). Active space: 7a,-10a1, 6b2-8b,, 2b1-3b,, 2a, (3564 CSFs, 11 100 determinants). The la,-5a,, lb2-4b,, l b , and la, orbitals were canonical SCF orbitals and frozen; the 6a, and 5b, orbitals are doubly occupied and optimized. bNo extra optimization of internal-internal orbital rotations. 'Internal-internal orbital rotations fully optimized in the beginning of the second to fourth iteration. dAs in footnote c, but in addition one absorption step ofelements Ri, in each iteration (see text).

Energy difference Iter. 0000000101 (5) “51 128 CSFs; for all details, see Ref. 56. Number of C1 updates per iteration in parentheses. *Start with optimized orbitals of the ground state. 31338897 hartree. ‘Start with orbitals from state-averaged calculation. 31567256 hartree. DIRECT MCSCF AND MCSCF-CI METHOIX 33 TABLE IX Convergence of state-averaged CASSCF calculations for the X and A states of NH,”. Iter. Energy diff! 0 bohr. 2). 2). Start with canonical SCF orbitals of electronic ground state.

If k and j have different symmetries, internal N-electron states which do not have the symmetry of the reference wavefunction are generated. Hence, the full set of uncontracted singly excited configurations is given by YqK= Eai(DK (126) where the index K runs over all possible N-electron functions with the desired spin eigenvalues and all required spatial symmetries. C. Orthogonalization and Normalization of the Configurations As already mentioned, the configuration sets {'Y$}, (Y$} and {YqK)may not be orthogonal and are generally not normalized.

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