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On-line-monitoring of enzyme production during industrial fermentation processes are problematic because sampling probes are still not adequate for long-term use. In particular, clogging falsifies the real enzyme activity. Moreover, a lot of enzymes are produced intracellularly and complicate a simple monitoring procedure. Therefore, this kind of monitoring is still under development. 4 Process Monitoring The ET has been employed in several biotechnological processes. This section focuses on selected experiments shown in Table 5.

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Time Fig. 7. On-line monitoring of a penicillin V fermentation (Rank) 48 F. Lammers · Th. Scheper Therefore, Rank et al. (1995) constructed an automated ET for process monitoring. The equipment was installed inside a steel cabinet with cool, filtered air to keep the temperature sufficiently constant. The enzyme column had to be protected against microbial growth by adding sodium azide to the buffer solution. These facts show an obvious strong difference between biosensor employment in research laboratories and industrial plants.

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