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12 Simple apparatus for testing the conductivity of a solution WORD ORIGIN Ion comes from a Greek word meaning “wanderer,” since these particles carry electricity through the aqueous solution of an ionic compound, as well as through its molten state. WEBLINK Zinc is probably the most ignored element in our diets. Research the role of zinc in the human body and the adverse health effects associated with zinc deficiency. ca/chemistry11. 40 UNIT 1 Next Section Quit ions come from? His conservative examiners grudgingly gave him the lowest possible mark for his doctorate degree.

Notice that the outer shell of the lithium ion, Liϩ, has 2 electrons just like its nearest noble gas, helium. Helium is very stable because it won’t react with any other atom, and chemists attribute this to the fact that it has a filled outer shell, in this case, with 2 electrons. 2). 2 When the lithium atom loses its outermost electron to form the lithium ion, it has the same electron arrangement as helium. 34 UNIT 1 Matter and Chemical Bonding Li Li He lithium atom lithium ion helium atom Previous Section Contents Next Section Main group metals of other periods also lose all of their outer electrons when they form ions.

Present your data in the form of a set of graphs. 2. Describe the trends in densities, melting points, and boiling points that you observe. Concluding and Communicating 3. In the form of a table, indicate your predicted values for the density, melting point, and boiling point for elements 116, 118, and 119. Extending 4. In view of its very low density, lithium should be useful for building unsinkable ships. Give two reasons why it is not used. 5. Helium is used for filling party balloons. Predict what would happen if you filled a balloon with xenon instead of helium.

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