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By Steven Saylor

ISBN-10: 1854878913

ISBN-13: 9781854878915

ISBN-10: 1854879278

ISBN-13: 9781854879271

The 12 months is 52BC, and Rome is in turmoil. Rival gangs prowl the streets as Publius Clodius, a excessive born populist baby-kisser, and his arch-enemy, Tito Milo, struggle to manage the consular elections. but if Clodius is murdered at the Appian manner and Milo is accused of the crime, the town explodes with riots and arson.

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A pocket of emptiness formed before the litter and closed after it, so that it proceeded swiftly and without incident to the far side of the court and up the short flight of steps to the entrance. The tall bronze doors opened inward. The canopy was turned so that its occupants could not be seen as they alighted and entered the house. The doors shut behind them with a muffled clang. The chanting died away. An uneasy hush descended on the crowd. "Clodius, dead," said Eco quietly. " "You haven't lived as long as I have," I said ruefully.

She ran her fingers over his and wrinkled her brow. "His ring. His gold signet ring! " Fulvia shook her head. "The ring was gone when they brought him. " Again, she showed no emotion. There was a gentle rapping at the door. A group of slave girls entered with cloths folded over their arms. They carried combs, jars of unguents and pitchers of heated water that sent trails of steam into the air. "Hand me a comb," said Clodia, reaching out to one of the girls. Fulvia frowned. " Clodia moved to the end of the table and began to comb her brother's hair.

Do you think Milo alone was behind this? He hasn't the wits to stage an ambush. I smell Cicero's bloody maw! Uncle Publius's enemies didn't kill him on a whim. It was cold, calculated murder! I don't want just revenge; a knife in the back could accomplish that I want to see these men discredited, humiliated, jeered out of Rome! I want the whole city to repudiate them, and their families with them. " "I hardly think it's a matter of choosing whether to stage or not stage a slaughter," said a calm, shrewd-looking young man at the edge of the crowd.

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