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Also known as boroethane; ~ - dichromate (vi) diboron hexahydride. ; a salt containing the ion Cr2 7" : . Dichromates are strong ~ oxidising agents. · ·"·) Dt"borane '. ' ~ H 2Cr20 7, an acid known only ; in solution, especially in the ; form of dichromates . I ; - dielectric ~ a material which is an electrical _ dichloramine I insulator or in which an electric 1. NH2 CI2 , an unstable molecule considered to be formed ; field can be sustained with a from ammonia by the action :I minimum dissipation of power.

It . . . , ..... ~ electrochemical series the electrochemical series consists of a list of metals have been arranged in order of their standard electrode potentials. The standard electrode potentials which has been measured for most elements that form ions in solution. in the electroch~mical senes ~place metals which are lo~er m the s~quence from solunons of theIr salts. The electrochemical series The following is a list of the standard potentials: I • ......... ,. -caI ... e. if it con- I verts the free energy of a physi- : cal or chemical change into elec- ~ trical free energy) it is called a .

The sulphur ; trioxide is dissolved in sulphuric : acid to form fuming sulphuric ~ acid, this called oleum. ; S(S)+02(g)==>S02(g) • 2S0 ( ) ; 2 g + 2 g = = > : 2S03 (g) S03(g)+ ~S04(l) ~ ==> ~S207 (l) Oleum : This Oleum is then diluted with I . water lllto concentrated ~ sulphuric acid. I • • conjugated bonds conjugated bonds describe the alternating pattern of double and single bonds, or triple bonds and single bonds, in a molecule. In such molecules, there is some delocalisation of electrons into the pi orbitals of the carbon atoms linked by the single bond.

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